Monday, June 30, 2008

Of Being Truthful

This afternoon, as my student told me- "Teach...Your Peanut Butter cupcake the other day was so nice". Yes, this was one child who really took time to appreciate my hard work for charity. So far, this is the best compliment I have ever received. Even if I have substituted my prized Pilsbury's All Purpose Flour- for a regular Cap Sauh, she has given me some hopes- of making others (especially-children) happy.

Well, when I started blogging about cupcakes, I have received some brickbats from some relevant parties which could be very hurtful at times. Even with blogging about recipes- in my "cup-a-cake" blog, did I get some disparaging comments- as if like I am competing with others- comments like these --"could I rely on your recipes?" , "you think you are so good?" and " you are going to share your recipes?". Hmmm.. to answer those questions- I am not good in lying and usually people don't share cupcakes recipes locally- especially when business is concerned.

Well, those recipes- are taken from my reliable books and some are adapted from the internet. I don't really own those recipes. But my invented recipes-I do not dare to share them out as some people may feel offended if the cupcakes do not taste as good as what people thought they would be. That's why I call my cupcakes -projects-it is for my own consumption and I don't intend to compete with others who are charging and making money out of baking cupcakes. I don't.... I think with my work load and commitments- be it personal or professionally- ( even if I am tempted to stop working - and do a baking business)- I simply don't have the time.

I bake because I like it, I enjoy it, baking unstress my mind. Never mind if those cupcakes that you buy are better than my invented recipes. What can I say-- it's your choice. I like baking, baking cupcakes makes my life happier. Towards the end of the day, when a child comes to you and says this "Your cupcakes are tasty and sweet".. That is all that matters...

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