Sunday, June 29, 2008

Inspiration from the Ice-Cream

I really like to look out for new inspirations. Last Saturday, I woke up early in the morning at 4.15 a.m., just to try out another of my newly-invented recipe- Pistachio Almond Cupcakes. I had this craving to invent a recipe out of my favourite ice-cream, and bring the cupcakes for a meeting. Frankly speaking, I did not even try to taste the cupcakes,:- 1) maybe because I was sleepy 2)I was too excited/ too scared ... Well, I managed to bake 15 of the cupcakes -I have to minimize the batter as to maximise the cupcakes. Using my favourite Pilsbury's All-Purpose Flour and lemon, unsalted butter, lemon and ever expensive Pistachio flour and almond- the batter tasted so wonderful like my favourite ice-cream. I use Philly's for my cream cheese frosting and threw in some chopped pistachio and icing sugar, simply out of this world. The result-"sold out " cupcakes and unsatisfied colleagues who did not manage to get a bite of the cupcakes.
Yes, I promised them to bake another batch, this time I would not try to minimize the batter as I did use a lot of cream- cheese frosting to cover up half of the cake for my last project. I will do my Pistachio Almond Cupcakes together with Chocolate Zucchini and bring them to work. After that, my cupcakes projects will need to take a break as I need to focus on unfinished work for three weeks. But in the mean time, friends will have to look for recipes in I will post relevent and reliable recipes there...

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