Friday, June 6, 2008

Finding The Time

My new ice-cream scoop bought in Singapore

Time is precious. That's what I've learnt in my 30's and being a domestic hostess. What with cleaning the house, taking care of the kid, doing laundry, cooking (oops.. haven't really done that for days). Just coming back from a holiday in Singapore, really freshen up my mind and found out that what ever we've spent there is actually equals to 2.4. But the holidays were a well-deserved treat for myself. It's been years (or ages) since I'm out of the country. It has really made me appreciate things back home and the freedom in Malaysia.
I've checked some baking utensils in Singapore and discovered that they were quite expensive. But I've managed to bring back an ice-cream scoop which I think is very useful and multi-purpose, not only for scooping ice-cream but also to scoop batter for my cupcakes. The ice cream scoop has costed me about $ 6.32(sing dollar). The original price was $7.90. Less 20%discounts. I've bought it in Bugis Junction in Bugis Street. Converting it to MYR should be MYR 15.32. A well-deserved treat for me... he. Haven't check the price in Malaysia. Might go to Robinsons in Midvalley Gardens to check the price.

p/s: Must find time to do experiments with cupcakes. Thinking of doing pistachio almond
cupcakes which is being inspired by my fav ice-cream from KINGS. Then, going to do apple cinnamon cupcakes...

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