Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's like going backward

This is nothing to do with cupcakes, but it's just that I am remembering again why did I start blogging. As I've recalled, this is not my first attempt in blogging. I've written in live journal- but just didn't really bother or simply could not care less to update, I've joined flickr or even fotopages. But this blog is different -it is simply a passion related to cupcakes. I liked the fact that I've inspired one friend to start blogging and share her cooking passions. But to me- this blog is like my therapy-my musings, blabberings and an avenue to test my baking skills-by inventing cakes' recipes.

Maybe I've done a lot of readings, collecting cookbooks, buying tonnes of magazines (be it local Malaysian or my fav of Australian Women's Weekly) or even surfing the net -that I think it is time to invent my own recipe- something I could call my own. Adapt is different- we still quote the source, but inventing it- it is our personal acquired test. The only problem is I like to use expensive tasty ingredients. Doing a bit of chemistry experiments too. ... I think it's time that I use my own creative juice to do a little invention - so that one day I would pass it to my niece /future niece or my future daughters [or future daughter in law/ or grand daughters-- : ) ]

Doing this-blogging and baking cupcakes are my answers to my years of finding my true calling, my passion.. my ways of chanelling my disapointments in life-things which do not turn out very well, people who make you miserable, mishaps and tragedies in the family, things that could be done, what we would become, intolerable political scenarios, politicians (be it pro or cons who only know how to talk but do not deliver-not trusting any sides in this matter-politicians do lie!!) loved ones who failed you. ... I guess cupcakes give you the best results when you give them the best ingredients -but can we apply this rule to life? There is yes and no to this question. Yes, you can give the best ingredients in life -i.e love, care, trust, etc only to those who appreciate you. No to those people who only like to pick on you and criticize you but do not even bother to see their own shortcomings. Well, I've learnt all my lessons in life - I think that's what I like about 30's. We are more aware and comfortable in our own skins, and we don't bother about the others. I am more confident in life now, rather than during my teenage, student's and 20's. I've learnt one thing- never trust anyone, not even the one sleeping beside you... he he he. You'll never know what is the future going to be.

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