Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thinking again

Just thinking... again, on our own life journeys. Childhood memories, an ambitious daughter, teenage years, student's life, working adult, a woman in love, a betrayed woman, a virgin bride, a beaming mother, a hopeful wife. We have long cycles and stages in life- I've wondered where it would go. Life makes me realize many things- life teaches us experiences and life has made us a better student along the way.
Tripping on many rocks, crying on unexpected news, hoping on some miracles. But God has his own way, he has made us tougher with his own plans, we become stronger as the day goes by... Yes, God has planned many things for us, why we are here, what we become, to whom we are married to, why things don't turn out as what we would liked. God has his own agenda for what is good for us..... I should believe on that..

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