Friday, July 25, 2008

Chocolate Heaven

This is one chocolate cake which is so special in my heart. Ever since I've started baking only cupcakes, I have totally forgot about my special one. My friend was asking for the recipe recently, as she may have liked the taste. Then, suddenly, I've remembered my special cake and search it in my recipe archive or (file). Actually, the last time -I've baked it was two years ago for my Eid's party. Then, I totally forgot about my "can't do wrong" chocolate cake.
I've got the recipe from the internet and I've adapted it. So, since there's one special occasion to celebrate- I think that I need to bake this cake so that I could remember it. I frost the cake using my own chocolate ganache recipe-(the same ganache I used for my Chocolate and Zucchini Cupcakes). Hope that the other party would like it...


nurul said...

Thank you kak....will post the result insyallah on this coming thursday...can't wait to bake my favourite cake...he..he...tq muah..muah..

nizaineese said...

Nurul, I think I've given you the correct recipe-- did i mention 1tsp of salt? The recipe calls for 3/4 cup of cocoa, but I put 1 cup anyway. Thanks to you too for making me remember to bake my long-lost special cake. I have to pay homage to it,..... heee hee..

masz_73 said...

hi nizaineese!..
actually terpanggil nk say 10Q to u.. coz u the first person yg tau pasal my blog.. selain dr 3 org yg paling rapat dgn i.. hehehe.. nak tau camner u tau ek?? hehehe..just curious.. maklumlarr baru merangkak dlm dunia blog ni.. :P

i dah jalan²kat ur blog..ermm.. not bad.. sedap² belaka.. so keep it up!.. :) bule add u x into mine?

nizaineese said...

Hai Masz_73,
Hmm.. I like to surf around, tengok sana sini.. Sure you can add mine, why not. I will add you too.. Thanks for going through my blog, takde apa2 yang best sangat pun... he he. Blogging is just one type of escapism-my style... hhe he

cikyah 75 said...

cik adik, when anger seems to rule the mind, always remember what Macbeth(if I'm not mistaken)said:
"Come what, come may. Time and hour runs through the roughest day!" Bak kata Abby Fana di Sinar FM,
"Kita tak hidup dek puji,
Tak mati dek keji,
Biaukanle sape nak mengata,
Bila dah mati, kan dia berenti!"
Betul tak? Anyway, u r one strong woman with a heart of steel! I believe in you!

nurul said...

kak...saya dah buat cake tu tp tukarq sikit method ...cuba steamed...mmg cedap....dah post kat my blog...he..he..

nizaineese said...

ooo.. nurul, tukaq method ya. Still jadi kan? Good for you.. So what did you do with the frosting?


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