Monday, November 25, 2013

Of Golden Buns and How I Miss Blogging .......

We wish for so many things in life... (Google)

I miss blogging very much or easily said, I miss writing that I dream of stopping my everyday's tasks and concentrate only in writing. But it's easily said than done, this year I have to abandon my plans and projects because of one single course that I have to attend through out the whole year. It was a big heart ache and being me, a person who cannot concentrate well on certain things if plans go haywire, I definitely went bonkers. It was tough to juggle house work, never ending paper chase and of course time to spend with family. Not that I got all the support that I've wanted all this while, and it was sure an exhilarating moment for me. Never that I thought 2013 was the worst year of my life professionally and personally, it was simply that I couldn't even imagine that this one whole year is wasted for something which did more harm than good, and it affected me very much-big time. Luckily, I was even a tough person to begin with, I don't know whether others could even manage the ordeal I went through. 

Writing used to be my therapy (Google)

     There are many lessons I learn for the whole year, how some people could be very selfish and let other people suffer as long as they are not the affected ones, well they say, during bad times, we will know the real personalities of some people. Not that I'm asking for help, it's better that some people at least try to be understanding and accommodating, not just judge us all the way. And that will explain for the lack of postings this year as at the beginning of the year, I promise to blog more and share recipes- however promises are meant to be broken.. ;( . Earlier this year, I was summoned to attend a one year course and it had taken a toll on me, with classes and online assignments and observations- it was too much to grasp. That will not include those paper chase at work and the rushing here and there commitments. Ooo.. I wish to write more on this, but as the year is drawing closer, I choose not to disclose it  since I aim to forget those nightmares and never ever to go through it again. On a lighter note, I've found some kindred-spirit friends during the course and I've baked some of the best baking delights. I've wanted to share those recipes here, but since then, I 've lost the mojo or desire to write recipes in this blog. Perhaps, maybe after the course, I'll be able to write more again and let my creativity run free and wild.

Nuyui's croissant - of  cake-2-u
 Eventually, I've found an interesting aspect of my blog, friends of some friends found a way to get my Golden Buns' recipe or "Roti Paun". It's delightful to think that my recipe is reliable and edible, despite my way of not going overboard with this space. You see, at the beginning of my blogging years, some quarters scorned at my idea of sharing my recipes, they even asked me whether my recipe was even edible and I took it at heart and was very reluctant to share all the recipes. However, through out the years, I am more receptive and open to the idea of sharing things that I've baked, I believe that if one person thinks of you negatively, then there are others who will readily think all the nice things of you-, with this I would like to thank my friend  Nuyui of cake-2-u who is always asking for my new posts. She's a great  baker as well, and a mother of three who manages a succesful home baking business at the very moment. Now, I've shared some of the amazing pictures of her bakes in this blog. You see, I've always found kindred-spirit friends through baking and blogsphere.

Nuyui's Japanese Sponge Cake of cake-2-u

Nuyui's Fruit Tart

I know that at the moment, my blog is not really one of the top ranking blogs in terms of recipes and traffic but I wish to stay like this for a very long time, in a way, I would like to keep my blog away from the limelight. This space serves as a reference for myself and friends who ask for recipes, and it's a great pleasure to be able to write in this humble blog. Now, I'll leave this post with some pictures of my Roti Paun/ Golden Buns - I don't know when I'll be back again, until all things are settled or my mind is back on the track. I'm sharing  with you the recipe link when I first baked my Roti Paun/ Golden Buns way back in 2010. I hope you'll give the the buns  a try... Happy moments and may baking rule your heart 

Roti paun / Sugar Buttered Buns/ Golden Banana with Homemade Kaya  or Coconut Custard Jam

These buns are definitely to die for ;) for recipe, please go to  Golden Buns


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