Sunday, September 6, 2015

Orange Sunquick Chocolate Cake

Orange sunquick chocolate cake No 1

Hi everybody. Phew! Nine months have passed and I've finally got the chance to update my blog. Just a quick update on how I've created this recipe by chance; simply by using Sunquick. Definitely will come back again and share the recipe in this space. What can I say about this recipe is, I've baked a total of 7 cakes in a duration of two weeks. Yes, 7 cakes for this single recipe as friends were really excited of the inclusion of Sunquick. I've taken orders for the cake and they are simply a hit for kids and adults. Okay, got to go now. Will update soon with the recipe.
Orange Sunquick Chocolate Cake
P/S: All pictures are by my friend, the lovely Ms Nurul Izwarina. She ordered two cakes.


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