Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm baking again after a year

The Red Velvet Cake

I'm back, back again after almost a year of absence from blogging.... Things were not that good, that I've almost lost my mood on baking. But now, I hoped that the red velvet cake was a mark for my coming back-my medicine for my sorrows.. There is a little story behind this red velvet cake. I have baked it for the request of a friend for a festive season, then posted the picture on FB, and finally it came to the possession of a good old school friend . I've transported it to Malacca. Then, what really happened next was the repeat order for this particular cake. I have never ever imagine that this cake was such a big hit. I bake cakes with my own passion, I really want other people to feel and love cakes, and I am not doing short cuts in terms of ingredients. Simply because I have been frustrated with so many not so tasty-expensive cakes, people charging exorbitant prices. Well, I am not a part time baker, I am just someone who loves tasty and delicious cakes, I bake cakes for love. And I know cakes love me too, they would never let me down, ever..... May cakes rule our heart, may love heal our pain....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

After a long hiatus

After a long absence, I am finally here. It's been 5 months since I've been blogging. I was extremely busy, and some things did not work out as I've planned. I do not know when I am absolutely free to blog as much as I could just leke the good old days. But for now, I am satisfied if i could blog for a little bit. I am featuring some pictures of a fondant chocolate mudpie cake from Choffles. I could say that I am very impressed with Choffles, Bandar Sunway and the owner was very friendly. The service was excellent and Mr. Baker was ever ready to cater to our needs. This is one good cake store to be recommended. Thank you, Choffles!

P/s: no pic right now, pics can't be uploaded


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