Monday, March 29, 2010

Only For Red Velvet

Since the Red Velvet is such a hit, I am ready to accept any orders for this particular cake- feel free to inform me two days before you need this cake. Hassle-free order, just inform me through this blog or e-mail me at This is only for this cake at this moment...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Love Means Baking

People would say "Love" Is "Affection". I would say love is baking, when I am down and miserable and things are not okay- I bake. But these few months since last year- I was not an active baker.. I had had so many things to settle, so many miseries and sad matters that baking was put on hold. But now I think that I should bake again, because baking has always make me happy and glad. So, for the year 2010- I have "Sugar Buns" - it's a cross between buns and biscuits. When it comes straight from the oven, it' so crunchy and chewy but very soft inside- like eating a bun. Well, I have put lots of chocolate chips and I think I would do it again and again.. That is why "love" means "baking"...Enough said

Why Do I Like Choffles

Choffles... has been around for years. Their service is no doubt one of the best around. These pictures speak for themselves. The cake was for the cake-cutting ceremony for my brother's wedding last year. Mind you, it was such a surprise hit for everybody. Yeah, when I got married few years back, I did not have such the privilege to have a cake-cutting ceremony. Well, firstly because it was such a hassle, secondly because being a bride- I was the one who was managing things and thirdly, honestly- cake cutting ceremony costed money. Lots of it. So, a cake -cutting ceremony was not in my agenda of wedding anyway.. phew! But things are different when you plan for someone else's wedding. You'll give your best shots. You"ll include any missing agendas in your wedding for someone else. Or maybe because you have learnt so many things from your own wedding...
However, to put it straightly- if given a chance I would love to have a wedding cake from Choffles for my own wedding few years ago (only if I've got to know Choffles). Choffles have inspired me with beautiful things a wedding should have. That is why I love Choffles for their cakes. Thanks Choffles for the beautiful cakes and creations (even if it's not my own wedding, though). Thank you once again !


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