Saturday, January 28, 2012

Laura Ashley Shopping

Love Laura Ashley

Apart from baking, I love Home Decor so much, that I love to browse home-styling magazines. I have been ignoring this part of my life lately, but last week I have managed to do some home decor shopping. Oh, I love Laura Ashley so much. Laura Ashley was definitely my first love back in 1997 in the UK, but it was their clothes that I was in love with. Apparently, it was definitely cheap in the UK, however, unfortunately, my love affair with Laura Ashley ended in 1999. I couldn't afford Laura Ashley in Malaysia. Laura Ashley was incredibly expensive back then. However, last week I went into Living Quarters ( a home decor cum crockery, etc store) and well, what I discovered was their sale... Yes, sale- 10 to 30% off the original price. So, yours truly, has definitely rekindled her affair with her first love, this time with its home decor products. It was worth every single penny or in this country- sen- and I would definitely loved to be meeting again Miss Laura Ashley. Now, who ever invented the word retail therapy is definitely a genius... ;) I went home happy and couldn't wait to start baking again... as I have rekindle my romance with Laura Ashley....

Levain's Macaroons

Lemon, Blueberry, Chocolate and Raspberry Macaroons

I went to Levain, a French-themed cafe in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, yesterday- and what I discovered was their macaroons, apart from the variety of buns and sweet bread. I bought them - six macaroons all together- for RM 19.80. They were quite cheap, considering that some shops were selling them for RM 3.90 per piece. Well, I would say that these macaroons were nice too, but I particularly liked those blueberry ones- they were definitely thumbs up for me. I do not want to rate them against any particular shop churning macaroons, but I personally think that if macaroons are not that sweet, we could always eat them in a go. I am yet to do another attempt on macaroonage, as I am too scared of the result - the last time I did try, the batter went straight into the bin- that is why it is safe to test and try macaroons at many sweet parlours. Those macaroons at Levain were plump with generous fillings, but for patrons- be warned for the limited parking space as there would be too many people especially during weekends. Colourful, plump macaroons with generous fillings, these are definitely worth it....

Macaroons @Chocolate World

Raspberry, Lemon and Mango Macaroons- In A Box

A feast for the eye- Macaroons at Chocolate World, Empire Gallery, Subang Jaya

   I love macaroons to bits.. I really do. At this moment, I give up on trying to do macaroons as I have failed once. So, I stick to- buying and testing them until I find the courage to do them-macaroons. This is supposed to be an earlier entry- but I just couldn't find the time to blog on this. For your information, I have discovered the kiosk of Chocolate World first in KLCC back in December 2011, and then bumped onto another one in Empire Gallery, Subang Jaya recently.

    Oh my, I am glad that Empire Gallery has finally reopened- I got to do my shopping again. What I like about those macaroons in Chocolate World is they come in boxes, for take-aways. These macaroons are just divine, I love their fillings- some macaroons are just  too sweet to my liking, but these are just nice. I could always finish them up with a cup of coffee. The way the macaroons are lined up, really turned me into a little kid entering a candy store. Well, I could say that these macaroons baked by Chocolate World topped my list on the quest of the best local macaroons.... Shall I say these jewels are worth to try, definitely good for any sugar fairies out there. Now, it's time to head to Chocolate World....and you will know what I mean. Macaroons to die for- yes they are- at Chocolate World.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A New Beginning

Life is like a flower blooming

It shoots high up to the sky

It paves for us the many "firsts"

Learning new things, adapting to schedules

Teaches us the meaning of responsibilities, leaving behind our loved ones in their nests

       My son who turned six recently, started school officially--this year. He's definitely one grown-up boy. Apparently, he is really into school these days, such as the way he zooms into the school canteen right after the last bell, leaving me speechless. He no longer needs me to be around, even warning me not to come near him during recess time. One year has passed and where do we go after this, I wonder...I did not know what really happened to the year 2011, there were definitely many on-goings, headaches and happy moments. And suddenly we are here in 2012. Seeing my son happily settled in his new environment, made me sad. Not that I am thinking about myself, it made me think of my own mother. How would my mother feel seeing each of her children leaving the nest finally? Seeing her own children scattered all over Malaysia, not even a single child stays near her now.  What was really the feeling,  being in an empty  nest.... Now, when should I start planning my homecoming down- south to historical Melaka, despite the ever demanding hectic schedule- I could only wonder?! 


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