Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Rainy December...Adieu 2011


Rain dripping through the pot hole...

Yellow flowers at my parents' house in Melaka..
Life and its surprises. Nobody would have predicted them at the first place. I do not know how the future would look like. There are so many plans in my life that I have to shelve out, put aside in 2011. Sometimes, life is good without any planning, sometimes it is not. We aim for the best in our career, our personal life is going to suffer any how. I used to do a wish list for every coming new year, but somehow rather the wish is not going any way or it does not become  significant anymore. So, I stop to wish, just like  I wish that I would do more baking in the year of 2011. However, I was not baking at all towards the quarter end of  the year. Work commitments have taken  a toll on my life. I wished that  I would have baked and blogged more, sharing my thoughts and recipes. Oh, I could only wished. Blogging and baking used to be the therapy of my calling, but time is my biggest enemy. I lacked of time to do things of my own passion, and ended up feeling miserable most of the time.

 With the coming year of 2012, I certainly hoped that  my readers, friends and alike would achieve bigger things personally and professionally. I hoped that happiness and good health would surround you. I hoped for all the best things in life. We may have our own sadness and unhappiness, but there is definitely hope. Life is HOPE and let us dream of better things to come. Thank you for reading this entry. I am humbled for the initial beginning of this blog, back in 2008 and it has definitely grow, and I grow up too- in a way. Happy moments ahead everyone, may I blog more in 2012 and share wonderful stories and recipes with all of you. Adieu 2011, welcome aboard 2012- with a lot of dreams and definitely HOPE...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Went South

A clock in one of the restaurants in Malay Village


Mee Rebus Stulang in Johor Bahru

Kacang Pool -Johor Bahru

I went South-(accurately Johor Bahru and Singapore) this time, and revel on many different things. There were so many things that I took for granted all this while, and this time- I took time to do some shopping, trying out new dishes and sight-seeings. Johor is a food paradise and Singapore on the other hand is a shopping heaven.

Masjid Sultan at Arab Street, Singapore

Murtabak Singapore - Arab Street

What's left....

Ice cube box outside of 7-Eleven, probably because of space availability

A rainy day, indeed

Shopping in Takashimaya, Orchard Road

Toys fair

Handbags anyone?

Art deco near the escalators in Takashimaya
 To sum up, it was definitely a marvellous holiday- going to the South. The only drawback was the lack of time and $$$$...Oh, if only I had tonnes to spend. Yes, every one needs a wonderful holiday and some retail escapades.


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