Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sometimes.... life is just like that

Being busy is one thing, being out of touch with your own passion is another thing. Why is it time is so precious to us when we become adults, that we would always remember our childhood moments? When things are just so easy, when we would have time to do things that we do like. I guess that is why people always say that being a child is one of the best moments in our life or perhaps the best. Yes, I've been busy, too pre-occupied in my never ending life commitments, that I've often wonder where it would end. Sometimes we need to sacrifice our own passion just to make others happy. Or maybe I am in the wrong profession, only God knows. There are too many things to take care of that I can't blog for a couple of months.That is why no matter how much I like to blog and post pictures of my recipes, I cannot find time to do it.

Recently, I've completed orders for blueberry cheese and pineapple tarts, red velvet and chocolate heaven cakes for my colleagues. Only charging them for the price of the ingredients, very minimal, simply because I couldn't have the heart to charge exorbitant prices even if I was using good and quality ingredients. I even told myself that I was not making money, just doing out favours. Then, I've realized that I've forgotten to try out new recipes or even post any articles or pictures for blogs- that I've lost my touch with cyber world. There are too many new developments for other blogs that I am not aware of. Perhaps, sometimes we cannot just get and do what ever that we like in life. There are just too many things for me to concentrate. I have to sacrifice my blogging for this few couple of weeks. My job needs me a lot... too bad, though.


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