Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vanilla Pods

Vanilla Pods

These are heaven

I have bought two packets and only used one pod

We often used vanilla extract in our baking, either in cakes or buns or muffins. When we smell of vanilla, we remember home-baked goods. Vanilla derives from the plant of orchid. It's fragrant and aromatic, with a distinct feel-good smell. Vanilla are not flowers, there actually come in pods. That is why we call them vanilla pods. Recently, I went to Jaya Grocer, a supermarket in the Empire Gallery, Subang Jaya. Who would have guessed - I have discovered Vanilla Pods. Now and then I took two packets of those vanilla. They should be worth the money. I could say they are utterly expensive, but who cares anyway. Furthermore, I think I would save them for special occasion cakes.... Now, that is what we call excuses for luxury. ;)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Apple Walnut Cupcakes

Cupcakes with crusts

Cupcakes, cupcakes...

Apple Walnut Cupcakes frosted with buttercream icing, topped with walnut, roasted Hawaiian coconut flakes and pineapple...

During the weekend, I felt like baking. It has been ages since I baked these cupcakes, the last time being in 2008. I had had some reasons to bake, one -I was going to visit a dear friend, two- I was thinking of apple cupcakes seeing the lone green fresh Granny Smith in my fruit basket. Thus, the idea of baking apple walnut cupcakes again. I loved these cupcakes, probably because there are walnuts inside. These cupcakes are usually preferred by adults rather than kids- maybe because of the taste of cinnamon powder. Adults would usually like sophisticated tastes ( aren't they?) while kids like sweet and fun things. My brother in law thought that these were banana cupcakes- maybe because of the grated apples. Eventually, this is the second time that people have mistaken apples for bananas for these cupcakes. Bananas and apples? Only God knows.. well, perhaps I shall combine these two fruits and bake them into cupcakes... ;)
For this recipe, I had only used one lone apple as that's the only one left in my fruit basket. To get the best results, would be - using two apples -as the texture would be nicer and you'll get apple tastes. Apart from that, I had also used sour cream ( my secret ingredient for all this while) and adding some crushed walnut. For the frosting, I had used whipping cream, creamwell ( a type of shortening), butter ( I had used Golden Churn), not so pure butter with vegetable oil( Farmcows), vanilla essence and icing sugar ( sifted). Using only creamwell will results on "not so buttery tastes" but by adding another three ingredients, you'll definitely get a better type of frosting.
Now, everyone would have a better reason to bake apple cupcakes, right... Yes, baking makes you happier....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I love my Chocolate Heaven

My ever favourite Chocolate Heaven
Recently, there was a birthday party invitation from my neighbour for her one-year old girl. But, I could not attend the party as it clashed with my cousin's wedding. Therefore, it was time to head the kitchen again. As I could not make it, it supposed I should give my neighbour something to make up for our absence (my son and I). What came into mind was- baking my ever favourite Chocolate Heaven. This recipe uses all-in-one method. All- in-one method means that you dump everything in your mixing bowl. This method requires you to use vegetable oil (be it canola or even olive oil- but it is better to use corn oil economically- coconut oil would be nice too), hot boiling water, and perhaps maybe milk or buttermilk ( you can substitute buttermilk by having a cup of fresh milk with the addition of 1 teaspoon of lemon juice -only lemon could do- or a teaspoon of cream of tartar).
If ever you are using the all-in-one method for baking cakes- the most important thing is you must only add the liquids towards the end of the mixing. Like in this case, adding the hot boiling water at the last part of the mixing process. I have used imported cocoa powder bought from the baking store and frost the cake using my lovely self- invented frosting, topped with chocolate chips, dessicated coconut and glazed cherry. Feel free to try my favourite frosting recipe.
Chocolate Heaven Frosting recipe
(using the double-boiler method- or you can just put heat-proof bowl on top of
simmering pot of water on the stove)
1 or 2 tablespoons of butter ( unsalted is better)
A pinch of salt
2 table spoons of sour cream ( get this in the supermarket section of dairy products)
2 tablespoons of cocoa powder (sifted)
2 or 3 tablespoon of caster sugar
1 bar of Cooking Chocolate ( you can just put half bar if you like -of 200g of cooking chocolate)
1 or 2 teaspoons of fresh milk
1) Add everything inside your bowl, put on top of simmering water.
2) Whisk them vigorously.
3) Adjust the sweetness and taste as to your liking.
P/s: I like the taste of bittersweet chocolate, thus the adding of extra cocoa powder.

Cupcakes' Project

Pistachio Almond Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting
topped with Hawaiian Coconut and Blueberry.

Pistachio Almond Cupcakes

Cupcakes- lots of them...

Pistachio Almond, Coconut Pandan and Black Bottom Cupcakes

I call these cupcakes my X Project. As they are simply favours done for a dear friend. I have done them to help out a friend for her Hari Raya Open House- and only now that I have the time to upload these pictures. All 100 cupcakes of Coconut Pandan and Black Bottom. Apart from that, I even gave her some 15 extras- my long-time favourite of Pistachio Almond Cupcakes. These Pistachio Almond Cupcakes are actually baked based on my original recipe and I have perfected this recipe time after time. Therefore, these Pistachio Almond cupcakes are created by me and not from other sources. I was inspired back then in 2008 with recipe inventions and simply was inspired by my favourite King's ice-cream of Pistachio Almond. Perfected with cream cheese topping- there are actually your keepsakes. Yes, keepsakes of life...


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