Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What Is My Dream....

I have discovered this on the net.... and I think I share the same dream....

Do you have the same dream too?

Yes... dream on ;)

p/s: Who knows right......

Monday, July 19, 2010

Citrus Reamer

The Citrus Reamer

Close up view

Another reason to bake lemon cupcakes

I love Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya. Simply because there are just so many things that I like there. I have finally found the Citrus Reamer that I've wanted for so long. I've seen Nigella Lawson used it during one of her shows, and I kept dreaming of finding it in Malaysia. This useful Citrus Reamer was bought in Kitchen Shop, a shop selling all things you need in the kitchen. You just name them, baking stuffs, Corelle dinner set, can opener... etc. Yes, all kitchen stuffs. I would love to use this with my lemons and bake some lemon cream cupcakes.....

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sugar Buttered Buns

Rising time- buns before being baked

After 30 minutes-they are quite ready, but they need a little bit of make up

My beautiful buns or "Roti Paun"- as they come out beautifully after I've smeared some unsalted butter and margarine, and put them back in the oven for another 5 minutes
- My Golden Darlings

Yes, I've finally made it....After several attempts of baking Sugar Buttered Buns or " Roti Manis" or "Roti Paun" as we call them in Malaysia, I have successfully baked these buns. These buns are very famous in Terengganu- a state in the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. But in my childhood memory, I remember these buns or "roti paun" as "roti paun Muar". Muar is actually a nice, old town of Johor. It was once the capital of the state of Johor ( Johor being one of the southern states of peninsular Malaysia- apart from Malacca and Negeri Sembilan) . This memory still lingers on, since these "roti paun" Muar are really "something". It was a treat to have these sugar buttered buns if ever we came to Muar, since Malacca did not have these little sweet treats. Back to the recipe, having doing several experiments, and trying all sorts of recipes that I've gathered from the internet and baking books- I have come to one conclusion. Never give up on these little darling. In making these buns, don't ever use any regular wheat flour or all purpose flour. Use "red rose flour" (you can find this flour in baking stores) or "bread flour". In fact, please sieve the flour, let the yeast rise ( I have used 1/2 of a packet of 11g dry yeast) in a cup of warm milk and 1 table spoon of sugar, and put 2 eggs, instead of one and add some margarine/ butter ( 3-4 table spoons), 1 tea spoon of salt and not forgetting a table spoon of bread improver. In this recipe, I have only used 1/2 kg of the red rose flour and 4 table spoons of caster sugar. The way to do it- is to sieve the flour, put the flour in an aluminium bowl, make a well, add in eggs, add in the rising yeast, put in sugar, salt, margarine/ butter and lastly the bread improver. Knead it slowly, adding flour a bit by bit,(just a table spoon or two of extra flour) punch the dough , to let the air being released. Then, let the dough rise, cover it with damp kitchen towel. After 20 minutes, knead the dough again, let it rise again for another 10 minutes, punch it. Then, make small balls of the dough. Cover them, with the same damp kitchen towel, let them rise for about 10 minutes. Then, bake them in a pre-heated oven ( heat the oven first, for 8 minutes) and put these buns for 30 minutes of 120C. The final end- these little buns are simply divine. I have also managed to get the soft like cotton texture. Eat these little darlings with "kaya" and have a sip of a black coffee, and you will know what do I mean. And all these little things brought me back to my childhood days... Days of a simple life in a town used to be known as a sleepy hollow town- Malacca. Ooo.. I miss my old Malacca....

P/S: The memory of my childhood stays in my heart, as I become a "resident" in another city. A city with not many old buildings..hmmm

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Scones in Cameron Highlands

Wonderful scones

The nice view

Strawberry Park, Cameron Highlands

Scones, strawberry jam, clotted cream
and tea

Nothing beats the smells of scones. I could say the best scones I've tasted so far were in Strawberry Park, Cameron Highlands. I could taste these Cameronian English scones (shortbread+biscuits) in every bite that I took. Taken with a cup of tea, clotted cream and Cameronian strawbery jam, these scones are simply marvellous. I have always admire the way the English have their afternoon tea and serve their guests. Twelve years ago, in a small resort town in West Sussex, UK, I have experienced the wonders of English afternoon tea in a quaint cafe.

Call it deja vu, I guess I have always got a soft spot for things of the British. Thus, having a late afternoon tea in Strawberry Park, Cameron Highlands brought back fond memories. Fond memories of the innocence of younger days...

P/S: Oh, I wish I could be young again. ;)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Macaroons - little treats from heaven

Fancy having coloured macaroons ala Paghee?... This little family- owned cafe, WHISK- is situated in Empire Gallery, Subang Jaya (just opposite of Subang Parade) made these little Parisian treats- a rare find in Malaysia. These macaroons maybe a little tad too sweet for my taste bud, but who cares- as they are macaroons. Made from egg whites and almond meal and lots of icing sugar- piped and baked, these little delights are heaven in your mouth. Recommended with dark, strong, bitter sweet coffee- you will definitely fly... Yes to heaven, I guess!

p/s : WHISK is near to Jaya Grocer ( ground floor)
Yes, I love Jaya Grocer too... another housewives' paradise!

When Martha Writes About Cupcakes

Recently, I have spent a fortune on this book at MPH. It's all about cupcakes. When Martha Stewart does things, she does it professionally. I just love the contents of this book. They teach you everything you need about cupcakes and recipes, not like some other books (could it be local authors... I wonder) which are quite stingy with methods on baking. They only show you the end results not the step by step methods... Well worth the money..

Just A Thought

It's been such a long time that I haven't posted any entry for this blog. Time has not permitted me to do so. There were so many things happening in my life that, blogging seems to be a luxury. Sometimes, we do forget that writing is a therapy. But we need to do it responsibly without hurting other people's feelings. That is why when I started my blog 2 years ago, i have decided to write only on baking stuffs or my life reflections. I do not like to write about politics, or people's behaviour or current issues. There are just too many people writing about those stuffs that sometimes we forget that life is short, too short I guess. That we forget to enjoy our days, our daily lives, the people that we loved in our life. We forget to appreciate those who are around us, who helped us through thick and thin, we judged people and we forget that towards the end of the day, all of us will die.. Till then, let's appreciate life, appreciate those around us and ignore those who take us for granted, who think that they are good enough for everybody. They criticise you, they find faults with you, they put you down in many ways, they will not help you and count the things that they have done for you. Yes, I do think that God is fair, no matter how good you are, how much money you own in the bank, one day you will be down there. Nothing is eternal in this world. So, stop and look around us, appreciate those who have been with you, not those who have let you down.....


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