Thursday, December 30, 2010

Violet Cupcakes

1) Classic butter cupcakes iced with violet and pinkish buttercream

2) Violet cupcakes

3) The cupcakes as decorated by the kids

I have promised my 9 year-old niece many times- that is to do a baking project, cupcakes project actually. However, I never kept my promise. But today, I give in-knowing that promises shouldn't be broken especially to children. I have baked butter cupcakes to be frosted with buttercream icing. At first, I have wanted to do baby pink buttercream, but I have mistakenly put a drop of blue icing colour just to be adventurous. Apparently, I have got violet buttercream with a tint of pink. I have piped different styles of icing- as in Pict 1 and 2 ( for adults' point of view) and Pict 3 (for kids' point of view). You could see the difference as children are never afraid to explore their own creativity. My son and niece are ever ready to sprinkle as much things on top of their cupcakes, while I- being me- is so afraid to venture on. I kept my frosting simple as I have always liked simplicity in life.
What do I learn today? I have learnt that children are fun as they are not afraid to try new things in life, they like a little bit of adventures, where else -we, adults are so boring as we do things as simple as we could. We are just afraid to try new things, and that is why being children are more fun... ;) That is why we- adults would always envy the carefree days of our children. Deep in our hearts, we know that we are missing those days, we keep reminiscing our own childhood moments.
As I sent my back niece this evening, I could not help but noticing this - my niece went back happily, holding tight the green food container containing various designs of cupcakes. I did not know what made her really happy. The cupcakes or the experience of designing her own cupcakes. She was happy, and so did I.....

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