Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Miss This Place

Parham House and Gardens, South Downs Way, West Sussex

Barley ripening in South Downs Way, West Sussex

A countryside landscape in West Sussex.

All pictures -credits to Ferne Arfin

I miss this place very much.. Those picturesque countrysides of West Sussex, England. Often that I've been wondering to myself- whether I would have the chance to spend another few years of my life again in this place. This place had seen me growing from a clueless teenager in the brisk of adulthood to a young lady of 20's. I even celebrated my key to adulthood (of 21 year old) in this place. I do not miss London, the city where everyone has been dreaming of . I miss this part of countryside, seeing the beautiful houses in vast farms or wild rabbits hopping around the fields. I might even consider myself a country bum. Oh, I miss this place very much as it has helped me to become ME.....But sometimes, we could only dream as work and family commitments do not permit us to visit the place which we have fond memories... Thank You, West Sussex for being You.


Anonymous said...

Ral, I miss Canterbury too! Like you, I haver never liked London. Too crowded for me.

nizaineese said...

Yes cikyah.. me too.. Over the years, I've been having this dream of going there one fine day..but when finally I had the money, I did not have the time and was busy with my job. I miss this place very much..

KD Ismail said...

takpe cik nooral....block the date first and work towards it, kalau tak block mmg samapi bila takkan sampainyer..

nizaineese said...

Yes, Khady.. i need to plan ..really plan


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