Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Hummingbird Is Flying High ....

The Hummingbird frosted with Philly's cream cheese with a dash of vanilla beans, topped with roasted pecans, maraschino cherries and orange sugar flowers..

This birthday cake is for the three special people in my friend's life,
Nurul Izwarina- her husband, sister and son.

The Hummingbird is flying high. Even higher than before. A day before Chinese New Year, my friend- Ms Nurul Izwarina was having a kind of birthday party for some VIPs in her life, and she has requested for the Hummingbird. And I was more than happy to bake for her - yes, I loved baking this particular cake. It's my favourite- as I've said earlier, this is just a humble cake, not snotty.. but humble. This time I've added more roasted pecans and used vanilla beans in the batter and frosting. Vanilla beans are indeed a luxury, but I just couldn't use the usual vanilla essence, as I was trying to be extravanganza in this particular cake. I have used all extra ingredients. More pecans, chopped bananas and extra crushed pineapple. The results were fantastic, based on the delicious batter and frosting. Since I had to squeeze all the names on the cake, I've decided to put less cherries and going on the cute outlook. Apparently, I ran out of my writing icing, hence the squeezing of the few drops of icing. Since I have baked this with love, I hoped my friend would be happy with the cake. As the saying goes, " a happy baker makes a happy cake ". Yes, the hummingbird is here to stay. For a long period of time..... Happy Sunday, every one.

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