Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Hummingbird For Another Friend

The Hummingbird, frosted with Philly's cream cheese, topped with roasted pecans, fresh cherries, Hawaiian Coconut flakes and small pink sugar flowers.

The girl is officially 31 now.

It's my favourite cake, too.

The Hummingbird is a humble cake. I say it is humble because nobody would have imagine the taste of this cake. They cannot even guess the ingredients, but simply saying that the cake has made them want more and more. For your information, I have made this cake using chopped bananas, a handful of walnuts and pecans, freshly grated coconut and chopped pineapple. Some of my friends were unaware of those ingredients. They cannot even think of what they have eaten, this cake is simply "different".
My love affair with this cake has started in 2008. I first baked this cake out of curiousity. It was 2009 and I had presented it to a dear friend for her delivery. Her children liked it very much. Then, I stopped. Then, at the end of last year, I had baked it again for my friend's birthday. Elly, my friend liked it very much. What a pomp to go for this humble cake. The rest as we say, is history. The hummingbird is now no longer a humble cake. It has emerged as an "eagle".
The story behind those pictures- I have baked this cake for a friend. Complimentary of me. As usual, friends are always asking for red velvet, but since it is FOC, I 've got the final say.(heehe). I told my friend, Aisha, I would bake her a different cake, as I thought that red velvet is too popular now. I have always liked to bake something that is not too cliche. In short, I want to be different. Verdict- Colleagues are raving about this cake, they thought that it was so nice and different. Well, I told them, " It's my favourite too" and smile.....

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