Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Coconut Milk and Pandan Steam Cake

Pandan steamed cake

Cut into squares...

Piping hot from the steamer

I loved this cake. I would fall in love with it all over, again and again. It is just like you meet this person, and simply loved him for every single thing that he does...and loved him again and again through out your whole life...every time you have this opportunity to encounter him.....hmmm.;) There's a story on the existence of this cake, SIL had asked me to buy some Malay kueh or "desserts" at the market, but I did not I have the time to go out. I ran out of time. So, I decided to make another type of "kueh". Something that would not make people feel they have enough. Something that made people want another slice after having one. Yes, this is the one. Apparently, I have made this cake for a "kenduri" (a family gathering) in my MIL's house. Instead of baking, the recipe called for steaming. So, I steamed the cake as required. It took me a good half an hour to do it. Verdict- a total delight, something that cannot make you stop. You need another second helping and you can't just say no. The texture- it is dense and fluffy, yet very light. You can never be bored with this type of cake. I have used margarine instead of butter, (yes no butter, but simple "PLANTA") added a cup of freshly squeezed coconut milk, freshly grated coconut and pandan juice. The taste- is simply marvellous, you can just eat pieces of the cake without stopping. Yes, that is why we need to use natural and traditional ingredients in cakes, it is simple but yet it has made its own mark. So, the next time if I ever come across coconut milk and pandan leaves, I will definitely visualise hot steaming pandan cake and a cup of hot black coffee. Yes, love is having simple pleasures in life , that is your own home made cakes. ;)

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