Friday, November 5, 2010

Thank You

A Thank You Cake

Chocolate Heaven with Sour Cream and Chocolate frosting, topped
with fresh sliced strawberries, glazed cherries and chocolate chips. I have
written the words Thank You with an icing pen.

"Thank You" are two big words- showing our appreciation for those who have done great, good deeds to us. We say thank you to friends, family and colleagues. How often I wonder do we say thank you to those close to us. This cake is baked with those two words in mind. I've baked it as a favour for a colleague who has just finished her contract. She was asking for this chocolate cake and I thought what a great idea to sponsor this for a farewell party at my workplace. What a delight to have this cake with two big words which summarise everything.
Yes, thank you dear, from the bottom of my heart..... I was very glad to bake this for you; )

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