Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vanilla Pods

Vanilla Pods

These are heaven

I have bought two packets and only used one pod

We often used vanilla extract in our baking, either in cakes or buns or muffins. When we smell of vanilla, we remember home-baked goods. Vanilla derives from the plant of orchid. It's fragrant and aromatic, with a distinct feel-good smell. Vanilla are not flowers, there actually come in pods. That is why we call them vanilla pods. Recently, I went to Jaya Grocer, a supermarket in the Empire Gallery, Subang Jaya. Who would have guessed - I have discovered Vanilla Pods. Now and then I took two packets of those vanilla. They should be worth the money. I could say they are utterly expensive, but who cares anyway. Furthermore, I think I would save them for special occasion cakes.... Now, that is what we call excuses for luxury. ;)

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