Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cupcakes' Project

Pistachio Almond Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting
topped with Hawaiian Coconut and Blueberry.

Pistachio Almond Cupcakes

Cupcakes- lots of them...

Pistachio Almond, Coconut Pandan and Black Bottom Cupcakes

I call these cupcakes my X Project. As they are simply favours done for a dear friend. I have done them to help out a friend for her Hari Raya Open House- and only now that I have the time to upload these pictures. All 100 cupcakes of Coconut Pandan and Black Bottom. Apart from that, I even gave her some 15 extras- my long-time favourite of Pistachio Almond Cupcakes. These Pistachio Almond Cupcakes are actually baked based on my original recipe and I have perfected this recipe time after time. Therefore, these Pistachio Almond cupcakes are created by me and not from other sources. I was inspired back then in 2008 with recipe inventions and simply was inspired by my favourite King's ice-cream of Pistachio Almond. Perfected with cream cheese topping- there are actually your keepsakes. Yes, keepsakes of life...

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