Thursday, September 30, 2010

Coconut Pandan Cupcakes

Natural Green Colour from Pandan Leaves

Pandan Coconut Cupcake

These cupcakes were created by me -unintentionally. I have used the recipe for an ordinary, usual cake and used another half of the batter for cupcakes. The usual cake was brought to my friend's house- due to her husband's request of the traditional pandan cake, and I happily obliged. What a nice surprise to have a nice, moist, dense cake. I have adapted the recipe using real pandan leaves and I've got a natural green colour.. Using cake flour and unsalted butter, I even added 100ml of coconut milk sprinkled with a bit of salt. These cupcakes also required the use of dessicated coconut. Eventually, the actual recipe was intended for ordinary, usual cakes- but I have made them into cupcakes and added chocolate rice for a nice touch. My kid just loved the taste of them. If you want cupcakes with a twist, these are for you....
Please go to for the full recipe

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