Friday, November 5, 2010

Wholemeal Bread Pudding

Whole-meal bread pudding with custard sauce

I have always be fond of Nigella Lawson. The British journalist- turned celebrity chef and TV personality is definitely a chef in style. I could say that she has always be my idol in terms of cooking and baking. A kitchen goddess, definitely she is. I have baked this bread pudding since 2007, ever since I have discovered her in TLC. What I liked best about her was the generous amount of ingredients found in her recipe. Recently, I have baked this bread pudding and it was definitely a sold-out. So now, I have decided to share the recipe of my version, in the next post ( when time really permits me to do that)...In the meantime, do enjoy the picture ;)


fara dean said...

one day you can be the next Nigella too..hehe

nizaineese said...

Ala fara... jauhnya mimpi tu...hehh I cannot be a Nigella...she's too gorgeous..hehe


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