Friday, December 31, 2010

Bonjour 2011

As we say good bye to 2010

We dreamt of something better this year or even grander

Something that should be sweet and pleasing to the eyes

And simple in its own way .....

I need to do this entry. Simply needed to. I need to say this -thank you for following my journey all this while. This blog is going to be 3 years old in May 2011. There are good and bad moments but I have stayed on, simply because I loved writing, cupcakes, cakes and baking. I am humbled by the experience of baking, dissapointments and frustrations of not having good cakes, unreliable recipes. This blog has helped me in many ways. I could get some stress out of my system. I could take good pictures with the sole intention to post it in my blog. I could even smile after writing posts in my blog. Thank you once again, dear friends and readers. Have a good year ahead.
Bonjour 2011. Welcome aboard. May all your wishes come true, may cupcakes rule your heart, may I have the strength and energy to continue blogging about cupcakes and baking, may I discover wonderful recipes to share with all my friends. Happy days and moments to come. Bonjour 2011 from cupcakes-dreams......

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