Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Take A Break

Childhood days are always the best

Dreaming of the highlands

I want to smell the flowers

It's been such a hectic week or should I say a hectic year for me. I am dreaming for a holiday. A long-due vacation, where I can sleep and do nothing, where I can start my daydreaming moments, where I can stop thinking about the vacuum cleaner and washing machine. Yes, everyone needs a break. Life is too short to start thinking about trivial matters. Sometimes it's always about the others.. but what about me and me. It's going to be another one month to go before we say good bye to 2010. Where have I been for the past one year, what have I done, have I really spend myself with my own self. Well, the truth is -the year 2010 is not really a smooth year for me. There had to be bumpy moments, not-so good times, loss in the family. I am tired. I need a break. There would always be things expected on me, people rely on me, people asking for help, people thought you are all right and they forgot that sometimes you do have frustrations too. People forgot that you are a just a normal human being, a person with feelings and emotions, that you need to slow down. Well, I am taking a small step now, saying "NO" if I can't do some tasks, people need to be fair to me too, I am no longer a "YES" person whom you can just running around asking for help. I am not bothered if there are skeletons in my closet. I am not bothered of thoughts of other people if I am not able to help them. I am not bothered too if there are people in the pasts who put labels on me and think they are angels and high above compared to me. I am not going to label people as to me only God is perfect. No human being is bound not to make mistakes. I am contented with my life now. I treasure every moment, to be able to breathe, to be able to have happy moments. As for me, I am going away for a holiday next week- I need a break, everyone needs a break. Life is short, so be nice to everybody- because when you are no longer here, people would only talk good things about you. I would like to remember life as it is.....precious moments, happy times spent with loved ones. That should be life ......


fara dean said...

handsome ayah akak..mana mak ee..
cute2 smua..muka kak ita mmg sama mcm skrag..

nizaineese said...

hahha.Gamba ni diambil masa di Pulau Sentosa,Singapura.. Mak ada masa ni tapi tak ambik gamba sekali..hehe.. Muka kak ita memang sama. Muka bapaknya masa muda2 macam Jins Shamsudin


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