Saturday, February 11, 2012

Here comes the baking mood again~Old-fashioned brownies

Old-fashioned Brownies- with wild honey, Hershey's cocoa, vanilla pods, unsalted butter and roasted pecans.. who wouldn't like them, anyway?!

I baked this for a dear friend

Just a quick update.... I have got back my baking mood  again, (it went missing for a  few months )- and today I've finally broken the no- baking spell. It is  so nice to bake again and diminishing all my worries. I am bringing this to my friend's kenduri or get-together with the recital of prayers. Ms Fara is going to have a big event for her baby girl. She's been waiting 7 years for the arrival of her bundle of joy, so I guess I need to bake something special. I had wanted to surprise her with cute cupcakes with fondant pink buttons on top, but I was too tired to do any of those- so I opted to bake this. Well, I've got to go... I will share the recipe on the next entry. On a final note, these brownies are simply divine- I have to hide them from my son, as he keeps asking for them... Happy Sunday, everyone...

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