Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Have A Dream or Simply Said- I Have So Many Dreams

Yellow Daffodils In Cameron Highlands, Malaysia- Daffodils are my favourite flowers.

Blue Flowers- Parents' house in Melaka

Yellow Beetle (Google)

Bognor Regis, West Sussex (Google)

Tower Bridge, London, England (Google)

Mecca (Google)
There is a saying that goes by this - Never Stop Dreaming! How true it is.. I am a dreamer, definitely. Dreams are cheap, they say, but to achieve the dreams, it is not an easy task. The process of achieving dreams is actually expensive. We know that we need to work hard for our dreams. That is why it is easier to dream on things. It is free, it does not require any single dime.
  I am Ms Perfect all the time, I really dream to have a perfect life, perfect work, perfect happiness. But, perfection is underrated. To err is human, God is perfect. At times, it is not easy to please everybody in our life. Sometimes, people expect too much from us, but they forget that we have our own limitations too. The recent phenomenon on social network made me ponder at times. Could we really take things seriously or could we keep our privacy at bay? One wonders. Don't get me wrong, I have so many praises for things like FB or Twitter, but at this time of the year, I wonder where do we go after that? Am I going to keep my account on FB even after I am no longer  in this whole world? Probably I 'll ask my best  friend to close my account the minute she knows I am no longer around. I dread the idea of people remembering my good deeds only after I am long gone. Well, I make mistakes too, only God knows how many times I  have dissatisfactions on certain issues or people. But hopefully, this blog will be around for a long time, I hoped it served as a reference stop for those who appreciate it even though it is quite  unpopular, compared to other blogs. Only time could tell.....
   Back to my dreams, I dream of one day being able to take pictures of the daffodils again in the UK. I particularly like those yellow ones- especially during Easter or Spring. When the birds were chirping happily early in the morning, to mark the beginning of Spring in the UK, and I could see the bulbs of daffodils sprung up, and the chill of the morning made me snuggling in the bed instead of going to the college, those were the moments when I truly felt blessed and happy. I could still hear the birds chirping near the white French window at my landlord's house in West Sussex, UK.  I shall treasure that too. I remember having come across a yellow Beetle in Sussex, and I fell in love straight away. That was the moment too. I dream too, on being able to go back to my hometown and reside there, when I have my elderly parents  and happy kids around. There is also a dream to visit West Sussex in the UK, where I have spent two years of my happy life. It maybe  only two years of my short life but those two years were  definitely the best (apart from having a kid of my own). Lastly, I have a dream of paying a visit to Mecca. I am working towards this, as I slowly learn and find myself again. Yes, people have dreams, it is not hurtful to have dreams. I dream of becoming a good daughter and a loving mother. I dream of having plenty of time to spend with my child, and not to be burdened by work. Work could wait, but times spent with our loved ones are precious. Children grow up very fast, and we become older, and time may not come back again. Time (as I read in a poem that  I have found online) ; sometimes can make us cry..
    Yes, if dreams could make us happy, let's have as many dreams as we could, and then we will definitely be happy....

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