Sunday, March 25, 2012

Carrot and Pecan Cake

I guess, we could never go wrong with carrot and pecan cake

Thank You, Boss! You'll be missed ..
. Carrot and pecan cake frosted with cream cheese and unsalted butter,
topped with chopped roasted pecan nuts and sugar flowers and mini carrots...
I baked this  Carrot and Pecan cake as a favour, as a thank you gift for a boss who is moving. I have used this recipe (click this)Walnut and Carrot Recipe  but replace it with pecans as I ran out of walnuts. Apparently, I did not know that my boss was going away for a job promotion- but since my friend, S was asking another friend, F to bake a carrot cake, I got to know. To cut the story short, F could not bake the cake. So, I told S that I would do it as a thank you gift to the boss. Apparently, S was not asking me earlier as she thought it would be a chore for me, as I did not feel well quite lately. I told her that baking was a cure to my stress. And voila the cake was delivered on last Friday afternoon, just before the party began.

   The story behind this cake- I got to know about the party on Thursday- a day before the party. I wanted to bake this cake on Thursday afternoon but was too tired to come around. So, I woke up early in the morning at 4.00 just to discover that I should have prepared the ingredients earlier on. It was tough as I only started to grate the carrots and roasted the pecans early in the morning. Luckily by 5.45 am the cake was ready. Thinking that I should get ready for work, I decided to frost the cake in the afternoon just after work. Since it was Friday, I was even blessed that I could rush from work after 12.30 p.m. Arriving home at 1.00 p.m., I found myself with a gigantic task of decorating a cake as I needed to go out from the house by 2.00 p.m. So, I only have an hour to spare. All frosting and decoration were done from scratch - from the mixing of icing sugar and cream cheese and unsalted butter until the decorating of the cake. Thank goodness for store bought sugar flowers and mini carrots. They always come in handy for my last minute baking madness. Well, I went shabby chic this time for the decoration ;). Not just because I ran out of time, I just loved the home-made feel of cake decorations.

 People say it's always difficult to say good bye, especially to those who are dear to us. So, even if it is difficult, we could only hope the best for those who are moving to greener pastures. To my boss or accurately ex-boss, "You are one fine  example of a people's person and you are sure to be missed dearly". Well, it was nice to think that at the end of the party, there were happy people around as they got to taste the carrot and pecan cake. Until then, have a marvellous Sunday every one....

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