Sunday, March 25, 2012

Banana Bread @ Cake

This is a best-seller's banana bread @cake

Actually, this was the second time I baked this banana bread

The latest batch- a third time successful attempt of baking my own recipe of banana bread .
It was a melt -in- the mouth banana sensation, topped with roasted pecan nuts.
 Baking this is definitely heaven.

I have attempted to create my own recipe, having left the challenges of creation madness lying rusty in the cupboards of my mind. To tell you the truth, my son had been pestering me to bake this, as I had promised him many times to bake  a banana cake or loaf or bread ( what ever we would say it). The cake was  a hit for everybody, from a six year old boy up until adults. I must have hit the right notes this time. The secret was using over ripen bananas, sour cream and milk fused with a tinge of lemon juice.. For all the experiments, I have used "Pisang Mas" which are easily available in Malaysia... loosely translated as "Golden Bananas". This type of bananas are small in size and they are very sweet. Apparently, it was a trial and error experiment relying on the instincts of a self-taught baker, and finally I got it right. Just the way it should be. For the time being, let me entertain you with the pictures of this baking sensation until I got the time to fine tune the recipe and post it here. Enjoy the pictures....

Life is definitely on bananas.... ;)
Life's good? Yes, it is- especially with bananas around....

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