Saturday, January 28, 2012

Laura Ashley Shopping

Love Laura Ashley

Apart from baking, I love Home Decor so much, that I love to browse home-styling magazines. I have been ignoring this part of my life lately, but last week I have managed to do some home decor shopping. Oh, I love Laura Ashley so much. Laura Ashley was definitely my first love back in 1997 in the UK, but it was their clothes that I was in love with. Apparently, it was definitely cheap in the UK, however, unfortunately, my love affair with Laura Ashley ended in 1999. I couldn't afford Laura Ashley in Malaysia. Laura Ashley was incredibly expensive back then. However, last week I went into Living Quarters ( a home decor cum crockery, etc store) and well, what I discovered was their sale... Yes, sale- 10 to 30% off the original price. So, yours truly, has definitely rekindled her affair with her first love, this time with its home decor products. It was worth every single penny or in this country- sen- and I would definitely loved to be meeting again Miss Laura Ashley. Now, who ever invented the word retail therapy is definitely a genius... ;) I went home happy and couldn't wait to start baking again... as I have rekindle my romance with Laura Ashley....

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