Saturday, January 28, 2012

Macaroons @Chocolate World

Raspberry, Lemon and Mango Macaroons- In A Box

A feast for the eye- Macaroons at Chocolate World, Empire Gallery, Subang Jaya

   I love macaroons to bits.. I really do. At this moment, I give up on trying to do macaroons as I have failed once. So, I stick to- buying and testing them until I find the courage to do them-macaroons. This is supposed to be an earlier entry- but I just couldn't find the time to blog on this. For your information, I have discovered the kiosk of Chocolate World first in KLCC back in December 2011, and then bumped onto another one in Empire Gallery, Subang Jaya recently.

    Oh my, I am glad that Empire Gallery has finally reopened- I got to do my shopping again. What I like about those macaroons in Chocolate World is they come in boxes, for take-aways. These macaroons are just divine, I love their fillings- some macaroons are just  too sweet to my liking, but these are just nice. I could always finish them up with a cup of coffee. The way the macaroons are lined up, really turned me into a little kid entering a candy store. Well, I could say that these macaroons baked by Chocolate World topped my list on the quest of the best local macaroons.... Shall I say these jewels are worth to try, definitely good for any sugar fairies out there. Now, it's time to head to Chocolate World....and you will know what I mean. Macaroons to die for- yes they are- at Chocolate World.


cikyah75 said...

dear adik, I tried these macaroons - twice actually but I just really cannot take them for I find them to be overly sweet for me. -cikyah75-

Anonymous said...

Sue in Japan said that the macaroons over there are not that sweet.. Cik yah, you try kat mana? Setakat ni i rasa yang ini okay.. Dekat masam manis dia sekali.. Sweet and sour combination is definitely good. -- nizaineese


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