Thursday, January 19, 2012

A New Beginning

Life is like a flower blooming

It shoots high up to the sky

It paves for us the many "firsts"

Learning new things, adapting to schedules

Teaches us the meaning of responsibilities, leaving behind our loved ones in their nests

       My son who turned six recently, started school officially--this year. He's definitely one grown-up boy. Apparently, he is really into school these days, such as the way he zooms into the school canteen right after the last bell, leaving me speechless. He no longer needs me to be around, even warning me not to come near him during recess time. One year has passed and where do we go after this, I wonder...I did not know what really happened to the year 2011, there were definitely many on-goings, headaches and happy moments. And suddenly we are here in 2012. Seeing my son happily settled in his new environment, made me sad. Not that I am thinking about myself, it made me think of my own mother. How would my mother feel seeing each of her children leaving the nest finally? Seeing her own children scattered all over Malaysia, not even a single child stays near her now.  What was really the feeling,  being in an empty  nest.... Now, when should I start planning my homecoming down- south to historical Melaka, despite the ever demanding hectic schedule- I could only wonder?! 

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