Sunday, September 9, 2012

Of bugs, horses and farm animals...

It's a bug life

People say that life's a bug. Or literally, it's a bug life. I accidentally found this heart-warming place called "Uluhati" through the internet, while browsing around places of accomodation to attend a relative's wedding at Ulu Langat, Selangor last two weeks (the second week of Syawal).To tell you the truth, I have never been here before, or even have any expectations on this place. Safely to say, I was clueless all the time. Apparently, I was thinking of doing a lengthy entry on this place at another time. But being me, the ever forgetful one, it's better to have this entry once and for all.

It's a turkey world

You see, I fell in love in this place. Hard time. My kid was enjoying his time here, and even had the experience of running around this place. I wonder on how things would be different if I have found this place years ago, this is like a therapy for someone who have so many things to shoulder. I loved this place. Definitely do. It's like a magical place for city dwellers, away from the crowds. Away from the tramplings of city life. I do not know how to describe this, but if you are someone who loves nature and life away from the noises and traffic jams in towns, this is the place to be... I think it's better for me to let the pictures describe the "feel" for you.

Horse ridng

It's looking at me.... ;)

A kitten found in Uluhati

"Ayam belanda" -Turkeys are roaming free

I stayed in this long house

And to think that bungalows and condos are the "means" of life. Well, an orchard full of durian trees will definitely do for me ;) .Have a  happy day, indeed......

I will definitely come again

1) Uluhati is a privately-owned farm, situated in Batu 18, Ulu Langat, Selangor.
2) It is secluded and suitable for people who like privacy....

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