Friday, June 24, 2011

Chocolate Rose Bouquet

A wedding flower bouquet- roses and all are made entirely from Belgian Chocolate

Ms chocolatier, Sujatha - she was reluctant to pose for the picture, but I have managed to coax her up.

Bangsar Shopping Centre, (BSC) has been around for years - but I have only managed to visit it last May. It definitely has its own charm, despite being relatively unknown for some people. What caught my eyes here was this little chocolate stall, Chocolate Chapters. Its abundant personalised chocolate designs were magnificent. You could just have anything in your mind, and ask them to create it for you- teddy bears, baby booties, truffles cake or even chocolate cigars. Yes, cigars! But what really made me marvel with this chocolate stall, was the wedding rose flower Bouquet - I could not help but admire the intricate rose petals created from chocolate. Those roses were definitely chocolate wonders. The company even has its own website- Manned by soft-spoken nice young lady Sujatha, you'll definitely ask questions on these beautiful intricate creations. For those crafty, amazing art creation, I truly believe they deserved to be mentioned here. Eventually, I bought some personalised chocolates for a special occasion, and what a delight to present those chocolates as gifts. Life is sweet, and it is even sweeter with some Belgian chocolates to make up your day. Send chocolates to your loved ones and you'll definitely see them smile. Yes, chocolates, love and smile....

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