Friday, June 17, 2011

I am being nostalgic again

Me -in my 20's (years ago)- West Sussex, UK

The Big Ben- the UK has shaped me a lot in terms of my perspectives in life.

I am just being nostalgic, remembering my 20 something years. Forgive me if I am being a nostalgic freak- just can't help it-thinking that how time flies by. Going to be mid 30s this year, but still longing for those happy 20 something moments. Time flies by, but memory lingers on -especially those happy moments. This year, after having happy dreams of visiting UK - I have decided to set 2013 as a year to revisit my 20 something years - to Uk of course... God willing! That is going to be my target... Yes, happy moments, happy twenty something years... When you reach your 30's you'll reflect your youth days with a smile....

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