Saturday, July 17, 2010

Scones in Cameron Highlands

Wonderful scones

The nice view

Strawberry Park, Cameron Highlands

Scones, strawberry jam, clotted cream
and tea

Nothing beats the smells of scones. I could say the best scones I've tasted so far were in Strawberry Park, Cameron Highlands. I could taste these Cameronian English scones (shortbread+biscuits) in every bite that I took. Taken with a cup of tea, clotted cream and Cameronian strawbery jam, these scones are simply marvellous. I have always admire the way the English have their afternoon tea and serve their guests. Twelve years ago, in a small resort town in West Sussex, UK, I have experienced the wonders of English afternoon tea in a quaint cafe.

Call it deja vu, I guess I have always got a soft spot for things of the British. Thus, having a late afternoon tea in Strawberry Park, Cameron Highlands brought back fond memories. Fond memories of the innocence of younger days...

P/S: Oh, I wish I could be young again. ;)

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