Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Macaroons - little treats from heaven

Fancy having coloured macaroons ala Paghee?... This little family- owned cafe, WHISK- is situated in Empire Gallery, Subang Jaya (just opposite of Subang Parade) made these little Parisian treats- a rare find in Malaysia. These macaroons maybe a little tad too sweet for my taste bud, but who cares- as they are macaroons. Made from egg whites and almond meal and lots of icing sugar- piped and baked, these little delights are heaven in your mouth. Recommended with dark, strong, bitter sweet coffee- you will definitely fly... Yes to heaven, I guess!

p/s : WHISK is near to Jaya Grocer ( ground floor)
Yes, I love Jaya Grocer too... another housewives' paradise!

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