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Moist Steamed Haw Flakes Layered Cake- The Recipe

Beautiful layered cake...

Moist Layered Cake with Haw Flakes

Hi there...How's life treating you, so far.. I hope it is good. And how's the weather in your area? Talking about the weather, I remembered that I was totally obsessed with weather forecasts back then-when I was studying in the UK. I was really looking forward to see whether it was going to rain or it would be sunny. You see, weather forecasts were important to me as I walked to my college every single day. I needed to see whether it was necessary to bring an umbrella as I did not like to wear   a rain jacket. It had always been the long coat and an umbrella-hmmm. Well, back here in my area- it has been raining today and I do not have the urge to bake anything, so it is time to do an entry in my blog as I  have made a resolution for 2013 - that is to bake and blog more.

    Last week I have managed to come out with a better version of Steamed Haw Flakes Layered Cake. This cake was a sure winner as my colleagues gave good reviews on it. They could not imagine that I had the patience to layer and steam the cake. Well... ha ha, talking about  my patience, I never thought that I had the patience to layer a cake. Being me, the ever busy career lady, the layering process seemed to be messy and full of hassles. But I was taken aback by the results, I meant the end product- it was a therapeutic process for me.  You see, I was so stressful with the ever mounting paper work that I forced myself just to bake something, just to get away from usual routine. And I was really really pleased with what I had achieved. Now, as promised, I am sharing the recipe of Moist Haw Flakes Steamed Layered Cake. I wish to write more- but I am having  a tonne of assignments to be done. So here goes;


6 eggs (large or medium)
1 cup of unsalted butter ( I used SCS) -room temperature
3/4 cup of caster sugar ( you could reduce it to 1/2 cup)
2 cups of superfine flour ( you could use cake flour)
** (You could also use plain flour, but please make sure you sift it for three times)
4  1/2 tbsps of sweetened condensed milk ( I used F&N brand milk- and not the creamer)
**( You could  reduce to 4 tbsps  of sweetened condensed milk)
1 packet of haw flakes ( containing 10 small tubes)- ( you could use two packets as well...)
1 tsp of baking powder
1 tsp of vanilla essence
1 tsp of apple green colour essence (I used Star brand) ( you could add in 2 tsp )


##Heat your steamer. (Moderate heat).

1) Separate the egg whites and yolks.
2) In a separate bowl, using the hand mixer, mix the white eggs and caster sugar until stiff.
3) In another bowl, mix well the egg yolks with butter. Add in the sweetened condensed milk.
4)Then, add in the vanilla essence. Mix well again.
5) Pour in the stiff egg whites into the butter mixture. Mix well.
6) Sift through superfine flour and baking powder into the mixture. Mix well again.
7) Grease your baking pan with butter. ( I used a round baking pan). Put a round-sized baking paper on the base of the pan.
8) Divide the batter into two bowls. Put the green colour essence into one bowl. Leave the other one on its own. (original colour).
9) Using a spatula, spread the green batter evenly into the baking pan. Then, arrange the haw flakes on top of the batter. Steam it for 5 mins. (Remember to cover your baking pan with a plastic sheet, aluminum foil or kitchen cloth, so that the water from the cover of the steamer will not drop down onto your cake).
10) Then, after 5 mins, (or when the cake is ready), take out the baking pan from the steamer. Put another spatula of the original- coloured batter into baking pan. Arrange haw flakes on the original- coloured batter. Steam it for another 5 mins.
11) Do this process again, alternating the green and original batter. You will have the original batter as the last layer.
12) Check if your cake is ready by inserting a skewer into the cake. If it comes out clean, your cake is ready.


1) Eventually it will only take 5 mins to steam each layer.
2) The overall process will take you more or less two hours.
3) Cut your cake when it is already cool.
4) The heat from the steamer, could be very hot and dangerous. Use suitable kitchen mittens or thick cloth to transfer the baking pan from the steamer.

Love is layered cakes

Nothing beats the taste of your own home made cakes...

I simply loved layered cakes

  On a final note, what make us happy towards the end of the day, is doing things that we love very much. In this case, I love baking too much that it is definitely my passion rather doing endless of paper work and assignments. Happy baking, everyone. May all your dreams come true...

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