Sunday, February 17, 2013

Moist Steamed Haw Flakes Layered cake- "cake style"- A sneak peek

Moist steamed haw flakes layered cake.. mmmm (Second time experiment)

Hmm... I just couldn't wait to share the pictures of my moist steamed haw flakes layered cake. Just giving you a sneak peak or preview on the beauty of this cake, until I get the time to write the recipe.  I had managed to get the right taste and moisture of this cake after my second experiment. Till then, have a feast of the eye for this beauty.

The " apam"-styled layered cake.... (Note the difference on the first picture and this one)

I just love steamed layered cake...
 Life is beautiful, indeed...... ;) with your own homemade cakes. Happy days ahead.....

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