Friday, September 23, 2011

Of Syawal and Memories

"Beef rendang"- beef cooked in coconut milk, lemon grass,chilli and spices - A Malay delicacy for Eid

Deserted roads in Shah Alam on the first day of Eid- that's why Eid is best celebrated in "kampungs" or villages.

Grandma's china- Teapot set

My grandmother's heritage- vintage crockery

I have postponed this entry for quite some time. I needed time to settle some things, to do house chores and be prepared for work commitments. Now, we are in the middle of Syawal- the holy month when Muslims celebrate Eid. I always remember Syawal with a childlike fondness- and during the recent Eid- I have finally got to fulfill my longing to go back to my grandmother's house in Negeri Sembilan, even spending a few nights there. What a difference to me just to go back to my "kampung" - I feel happy just like the old times. Even if my grandmother has passed away for 20 years, I have always feel her presence. From the china that she had painstakingly collected during her life time, to her beef "rendang" recipe that I still made and her clothes still being kept in the wardrobe. I definitely feel my grandma's love. That's why I love Syawal in the "kampung", it reminded me of a lovely lady, who taught me that materials do not matter in terms of happiness. It is love that matters.. Well, at least when times are tough, we could always go back to our "kampung" and find our roots and ancestry lines, and feel the inner peace in our hearts....

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