Friday, September 23, 2011

A Hummingbird For Two Little Girls

I became a kid when decorating cakes for the young ones

Words as written in Malay literally translated as Happy Birthday Wafaa and Hanis... Hummingbird cake topped frosted with cream cheese, topped with fresh cherries, colourful drizzles,sugar flowers, roasted pecans and red jelly.

My handwriting looked like a 4 year old, though (hahah .. funny)
I stick to my clientele's way of handscript...

I have started baking cakes again after a break of 3 months. Work has totally got into my nerves, and to find time just to bake something is just like a luxury. So, when my friend, Ms S asked me to bake  a Hummingbird for the birthday celebration of her two girls, I happily obliged-just to get away from my over-looming paper chase work commitment. For this time, I have put extra bananas and pineapple to get the nice-extra taste with lots of chopped roasted pecans. Cream cheese was not Phillys as it was out of stock, so I had used another brand -Elle and Vire of France.This brand was less soury than Phillys but it did not have the consistency of Phillys. But, since I was in desperation, I had decided to use it any way. Overall, it took me three hours to bake the cake and another two hours just to frost the cake. I went "naive" with the total outlook of the cake, just to cater to my "client's" age. Both girls were definitely two lucky girls as not many people had the chance to share the same birthday cake like they did. Well, a happy baker definitely baked a "happy cake"...

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