Friday, January 4, 2013

It's 2013!!

Wish to see Bluebells again ( google)

Wish to spend time doing nothing here-
A park near Kelana Jaya
My first cupcake posting in this blog way back in 2008
My favourite banana bread picture in 2012

It's 2013 now. Time does really fly... I didn't have any clue on how 2012 went by. Time was just not on my side. For the first time, I barely had time to do a special entry on saying goodbye to 2012 and welcoming aboard 2013. On a personal note, 2012 was full of colours. There were heartaches and joy along the way. And again, time constraint played a full factor in the lack of of recipe entries and other postings in this blog. I am not a full-time stay- at -home mother. I wish to have that coveted profession. Oh, I wish. Unfortunately or fortunately (maybe) I have a day job outside the comfortable home environment. Not that I enjoy that much, though. It brings quite a big pay cheque, but again when we win some, we lose some. It's just that I don't have much time to spend with my family. Mum said frequently that I hardly went back to my hometown in 2012, so   in the last two weeks in 2012 - I went back to my hometown and spent time with my mum. Driving her around to the places where she would like to go.

  I do not know whether I should do a promise this year. People say that promises are meant to be broken. Perhaps I shall say this to myself- I should do less work and enjoy life more. Spend more time with loved ones. Indulge in my passion- that is, baking. Stop thinking on what others say. Do more postings in my blog. Bake and bake again. Reflecting on the years, I personally have come a long way. Each year, I become more aware of circumstances. I learn to be more accomodating to myself and my child and not really on others.

     I will definitely continue blogging, as this blog is just a channel to write about my passion - that is, baking. I write because I have always liked to write. With this coming year, I hope for good things to come, and be positive along the way. I wish for all the good things too for my fellow friends and readers.

I am  ending this posting with a picture of my friends and I during our last reunion in 2012. We have been friends for 18 years  and it is definitely a beautiful friendship. Lastly, thank you for being with me along this journey. It has been a good one minus the heart breaks. Well, life is short, might as well cherish it to the last moment. Bonjour 2013......

Friends for life.....


Sharifah said...

Old friends are one of life's treasures.:)

Anonymous said...

Yes kak Sharifah,
I tottally agree on that. Nothing beats the idea of having a reunion with old friends;)


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