Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hang On .....

We wish to live longer
We learn to never give up on things that matter to us

Sometimes, when  you only have yourself to believe

You would think that life is a beach

And you learn to hang on even if things seemed to be difficult at times

When I was young, I used to think that growing up was difficult. I thought that being a teenager was a phase I needed to get rid of. I hated the imbalance of hormones, the merry-go- round moods and the unrequited crushes. I was eager to be an adult. I thought being an adult was easy, with a secure job and lots of cash. I even thought adulthood was the answer to my never ending questions in life. Life was confusing then and things were different. It was always school, friends and family. There was never really a big responsibility, but I learnt a lot through out my school days. Coming from an all-girls school, I learnt to be tough, to be a perfectionist or rather truthfully I learnt that life was not easy at all. I first learnt the word failures in school, picked up the pieces and stood up as if nothing had ever happened. That was a real lesson in life. You see, I learnt to be tough when the going gets tough. It was not an easy task to survive in an all girls' school-- as we learnt the word "competitive" from the beginning. Everybody would want to be the best. However, only those who had the tough spirits would survive.
     I wished I would have knew then what the future really looked like- for me. Sometimes, it is difficult just to stay afloat in a world full of misunderstandings and confusions. But what I learnt in my school days was  it was easy to give up rather than to stand back, it was easy to say good bye rather than to say hello. However, what I really learnt -in one of those incidents in school, (which I chose not to forget now), was to get up, walked and  ran. I chose to think positively out of difficult situations. I chose to believe in my own strengths and abilities. I chose to think that no matter what people think of me, God knew the truth back in those days. That was me then, that is me now. No matter how difficult things are, there will always be possibilities to be found and opportunities to be gained. Some people may misunderstood us, but there are some other people who would understand. But the most important thing in life is, hang on during difficult times, and never give up.... That is all that matters.

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