Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Went South

A clock in one of the restaurants in Malay Village


Mee Rebus Stulang in Johor Bahru

Kacang Pool -Johor Bahru

I went South-(accurately Johor Bahru and Singapore) this time, and revel on many different things. There were so many things that I took for granted all this while, and this time- I took time to do some shopping, trying out new dishes and sight-seeings. Johor is a food paradise and Singapore on the other hand is a shopping heaven.

Masjid Sultan at Arab Street, Singapore

Murtabak Singapore - Arab Street

What's left....

Ice cube box outside of 7-Eleven, probably because of space availability

A rainy day, indeed

Shopping in Takashimaya, Orchard Road

Toys fair

Handbags anyone?

Art deco near the escalators in Takashimaya
 To sum up, it was definitely a marvellous holiday- going to the South. The only drawback was the lack of time and $$$$...Oh, if only I had tonnes to spend. Yes, every one needs a wonderful holiday and some retail escapades.

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