Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nobody is perfect either

Life is a journey.... the road is narrow and winding,

outlined with trees of hopes

(picture; Google)

Everybody is definitely not perfect

(picture; Google)

Nobody is perfect. I agree on that. Sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes we think that we can't do everything that we want. But perfection is often underestimated. We dream for something big, but we do not have any means for that. We think that we are good, that sometimes we forget little things that should matter to us such as rest, leisure and happiness. We work like there is no tomorrow, we have paper chase and yet we forget humanistic values. We forget that life is indeed short, where are we heading after tomorrow? I remember when I was young, at the age of 17, I told my my best friend at that time, that I have my life all mapped out, planned nicely, to whom I've wanted to marry, even the number of children to have. Yet, God has other plans for me, there were bumpy rides along the way, failed relationships, challenging work experiences and life heart aches. Then, I realise that I need to stop planning my life. There is definitely no more plans at all, I just need to go with the flow. I am not perfect, and things sometimes do not turn out as what I've wanted. It's all right if people say you are not good, well .... nobody is perfect either!

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