Sunday, June 16, 2013

Big-sized macarons @ Coffee Planet, Shah Alam

Massive macarons

The  coffee shop in Section 13, Shah Alam.

 Sometime in April this year, I happened to crave on iced coffee. Since there's a coffee joint in Shah Alam aptly named Coffee Planet, I went to have a nice glass of iced coffee. Eventually, I saw some big-sized macarons lined up delicately in the covered dessert counter. Hence, I've ordered these two big macarons and I was exasperated to finish even half of one mac. Next time, I should only order one. hehee. These macarons are delicious and  the butter cream filling was even nice. Not overly sweet and we could just lick off the buttercream. From my readings I've found that these jewels are baked by Tomoko of  Caramel Factory . She is actually a Japanese lady married to a Malaysian and conducts baking classes in her baking school, right here in Section 13, Shah Alam. No, I don't know her personally but I read about her in one of the Malaysian cooking magazines recently. I thought of joining her macaron classes, but the dates always clash with my commitments. In fact, it also happened that I past her baking school a few months ago, and thought of checking her store, unfortunately it was closed at that time. But, never mind- some other time I might be lucky, perhaps.

   All right, just another short entry for today. Have a nice day, indeed ;)

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