Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sometimes ...

Now, baking seemed to be a luxury

be you
What we really need in life -is our inner strength

Life's been busy- really busy, that I don't have the time and energy to do my baking vocation. Apparently, I have so many baking projects outlined, but they had to be kept on hold. In actual fact, I miss my baking moments so much, that browsing my recipe books, seemed to be a luxury. Not that baking can't unstress my mind, it's just that at the moment, I have lost some of my energy. Work definitely has taken a toll on me. When will I have the time to do my favourite past time I do wonder as my hands are aching to do all sorts of baking experiments. To do something out of your own passion, is something that I cannot afford now. Eventually, it is difficult at times to be yourself in a challenging world, or even to stay normal in an upside-down environment. Being someone who holds another job in another arena, means I am having less time in the kitchen. Well, I am praying for another opportunity to do baking projects. Until then, recipe books will definitely be my best friends and time is definitely my enemy...... ;(

P/S: Sometimes, all that we need is our inner strength and determination to stay "alive" in a very stressful world. Oh, wish that I've taken a culinary degree instead....

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