Sunday, March 28, 2010

Love Means Baking

People would say "Love" Is "Affection". I would say love is baking, when I am down and miserable and things are not okay- I bake. But these few months since last year- I was not an active baker.. I had had so many things to settle, so many miseries and sad matters that baking was put on hold. But now I think that I should bake again, because baking has always make me happy and glad. So, for the year 2010- I have "Sugar Buns" - it's a cross between buns and biscuits. When it comes straight from the oven, it' so crunchy and chewy but very soft inside- like eating a bun. Well, I have put lots of chocolate chips and I think I would do it again and again.. That is why "love" means "baking"...Enough said


cikyah said...

Adik, kakak nak mintak resipi boleh?

nizaineese said...

Boleh... you can call me... i ada dua version.. you can choose either one..


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